Landlord carpet cleaning

Towards the end of the tenancy, it is understandable that landlords can be quite strict when it involves the cleanliness of the vacated property.

Tenants who move out expect a full return of their security deposit, this is in contrast to the landlord who simply wants the peace of mind that their property is left in a similar condition to how it was originally.

So Landlord Cleaning is perfect for:

  1. Tenants who want to leave their property clean and get their entire down payment returned.
  2. The landlords who want a clean property as it was originally.

End of Tenancy Deep Clean Poole

This service focuses on simplicity and no fuss. We provide a clean and sanitised environment with extra attention to specific areas such as the carpet, rugs, sofas and stains. In each room, we will clean the remaining items left, which are checked (which can be collected, returned or removed if necessary). Entire home or specific areas are fully cleaned and we are happy to provide a service tailored to your needs. Simply provide us with what is required.

It’s important to hire a team of experienced experts who can get the job done quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. These deep cleans sometimes require strong detergents and bleaches, and in some cases use special technology or methods, the team have years within the field so you are in safe hands.

For all end of tenancy deep cleaning enquiries we work to a standard control. We also recommend that you give us a heads up about any awkward spots or stains you think may need extra cleaning prior to the cleaning day.

Our team are unmatched with enthusiasm and love for their jobs, we are unmatched by any competitors, small or large cleaning companies.

Contact us today for a no stress solution for tenancy and landlord deep cleaning in Fernedown, Dorset and surrounding areas, including Poole.

Frequently Asked Questions

The life of the carpet can only be extended by professional routine cleaning. Many carpet manufacturers require this as part of their warranty integrity. If you avoid cleaning, you tend to collect even more dust, dirt, dust and allergens. Regular cleaning can restore the carpet to its original appearance and shine.

Depends on the home. If you have children, pets, smokers in the house or just a large family, you will need to clean your carpets more often. This is usually about every 6-12 months.

We recommend vacuuming beforehand, although this is not necessary and optional. If you are not vacuuming, please make sure all the visible debris is removed and cleared. We move most of the furniture when necessary and reasonably an efficient option. Therefore, bookshelves, aquariums, cabinets, tables, sofas, etc. will not be moved. We recommend you to remove all breakable items and decorations so we don’t accidentally damage your items. If you have a specific concern, please let the team know so we can give them special treatment. We are also avid animal lovers don’t worry, but if you think your pet will not like us, please keep it in a separate area for the teams safety.

We recommend leaving them for a few hours until dry. Of course you can walk on the carpets immediately after we walk out the door. But very limited traffic – until dry, will be the best choice. On smooth surfaces like tiles and hardwood, be careful on wet surfaces as it is slippery.

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Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have carpets down to a science.

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Eco-Friendly Approach

We use the best practices when it comes to disposal and recycling, always in the most environmentally-friendly.

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We can allow for emergency carpet cleaning on the same day in some circumstances.

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Book through the website or simply give us a call to book your carpet deep clean spot.

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